Pulse Pics! Hot shots of Northern California (May 6th)

Roosevelt Elk in Humboldt County Roosevelt Elk in Humboldt County

Northern California is an incredibly beautiful place and these talented people have captured some of the best it has to offer. 

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The photo above is a beautiful capture of a Roosevelt Elk in Humboldt County.   Pic by @ca.love.fornia on Instagram.  

 The Moon and Mt. Shasta by Tim Hallam

Gorgeous capture of Mt. Shasta basking beautifully in the glow of the moon.   Website: www.hallamphoto.com/

Honey Run Covered Bridge by Colby/NorCalPulse 

Whatever it is; go hike it, bike it, climb it, photograph it, love it, enjoy it.  Follow NorCalPulse on Instagram; @norcalpulse

 Castle Lake, Black Butte and Mt. Shasta by Jamie Weatherbee 

​The satisfying feeling of reaching the top and reaping your rewards.  Jamie on Instagram: @himehh_

The blossoming beauty of Northern California Almond Orchards by Jenny Rynearson

​Northern California is amazing down to the very last blossom.   Visit Jenny's Website

 Sutro Baths in San Francisco by Michael and Varalee

​Gorgeous shot from a place with an interesting history.  Instagram: @mightypix

 Enjoy the views in Sonoma County by Roger Elliot 

Sweet capture of a couple enjoying the moment.  Visit Roger's Website

 Stampede Reservoir at Sunset by Tim Rossi

​A pretty amazing way to end the day at a pretty amazing place.  Check out Tim's Website

 The Beauty of the Mighty Sequoia by Ryan Johnson

​Ryan's website has some more of his really incredible work.  Take a look --> www.lucidphotostudio.com/

 Rodeo Beach Sunset by David Safanda

​This gorgeous capture illustrates why you just can't beat a NorCal sunset.  Visit David's Website

 Mary Lake in Redding by Adam Attoun

​The world is coming alive at Mary Lake as the sun rises to greet NorCal.   Visit Adam's Website

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Comments 2

Michele James on Monday, 06 May 2019 04:48

All awesome photographers! Thank you for sharing!

All awesome photographers! Thank you for sharing!
Michele Steineke on Monday, 06 May 2019 04:50

All awesome photographers! Thank you for sharing!

All awesome photographers! Thank you for sharing!
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