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Trivia Night at Basshole Brews


Trivia Night at Basshole Brews
Wed, 17. April 2019, 7:00pm
Basshole Brews - Lakehead, CA
Karaoke/Open Mic/Games


Come down to Basshole Brew's Trivia Night! Join us for some fun times, great cocktails, and yummy food!

3 rounds with one Bonus Round (so a total of 4 rounds), with each round having 10 questions. The first 3 rounds have questions surrounding a specific category (such as sports, cinema, food & beverage, and alcohol). One round will be centered around music, where there will be a clip of music played and it us up to your team to guess the artist and the name of the song, with a possibility of earning up to two points (one for the name of the artist, and the other for the name of the song). For the Bonus Round, there is no specific category, and each answer is worth 2 points. Total points to possibly earn is 50.


-Teams can be a maximum of 4 players.
-All teams must have a team name.
-In order for the team to qualify for the round, each team member must have a beverage in front of them at the start of the round (does not have to be alcoholic). If the drink is finished before the round finishes, there is no penalty. However, if the team begins the round, and not every member has a drink, they do not qualify for that round.
-If a team is caught cheating they are automatically disqualified
-We will provide all pens and paper for each team to write their answers
-After we have finished each round, we will collect each teams answers, and the MC will go over the answers for the round's questions.
-The goal is to get the most points possible. The team with the highest amount of points wins the first place prize, and the team with the second highest amount of points wins the second place prize.
-If there is a tie for either first or second place, each team involved in the tie will be able to nominate one team member to answer a series of tie breaker questions to determine the winner.


Basshole Brews
Basshole Brews - Website
20725 Lakeshore Drive
United States
Venue Phone #:


Bassholes Brews, located just off I-5, north of Redding, serves fantastic burgers and other delicious food in a friendly, chill environment.  The service is quick and friendly and helps provide a great dining experience. 
Enjoy a beer or mixed drink at their full bar before you eat or while enjoying a game of pool. 
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