Lassen Volcanic National Park - Butte Lake Campground

Butte Lake Road
Old Station (11 miles east of), California 96071
Lassen County
Phone: 530-595-4480

Butte Lake Campground is located within walking distance of Butte Lake and the trailhead to Cinder Cone.  The campground is located in the Northeast part of Lassen Volcanic National Park and offers a peaceful setting due to its remote location. 
The campsites offer a picnic table, fire ring and bear boxes (bears do frequent the area).  There are also toilets and drinking water available. 
Ponderosa Pines offer quite a bit of shade and the campground is far less populated than other campgrounds in Lassen VNP.  
Basic info about Cinder Cone:

The Cinder Cone hike is simply awesome and offers a number of sweet rewards.  The views of the surrounding area, the access to Painted Dunes, the towering lava beds, views of Butte and Snag Lakes and the peaceful environment are just a few of the things that draw people to this hike.
Basic info about Butte Lake:
Butte Lake is one of our favorite Lassen Volcanic National Park Lakes because of its remoteness and unique layout.  Located near the base of Cinder Cone, close to Painted Dunes and along the Fantastic Lava Beds, Butte Lake offers kayaking, swimming, canoeing and other non-motorized lake activities.  Fishing is also popular at Butte Lake. 
How to get there:
Once you turn east on Highway 44 (Old Station) from Highway 89, the turn for Butte Lake Road is on your right about 11 miles down the road.  You'll see a sign for it on Highway 44.  It's about 6 miles to reach the camgpround from the point you leave Highway 44.  Check out the map for more specific directions.  
More info:
There is a campground host on site and the campround is self-pay.  
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