Lassen Volcanic National Park - (3 Miles; O&B) - Bumpass Hell

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Highway 89)
Mineral, California 96003
Tehama County
Phone: 530-595-4480

One of many wonderful hikes in Lassen Volcanic National Park, the Bumpass Hell hike is a really cool, 3-mile hike that has a sweet payoff.  As the largest hydrothermal area at Lassen National Volcanic Park, Bumpass Hell is not to be missed when you visit and a beautiful, peaceful hike will get you there. 
The steaming pools that release steam as well as the smell of sulfur make you feel like you're on another planet.  It's an eerie but exhilirating feeling to walk along the boardwalk while enjoying the sites and sounds of Bumpass Hell.

Distance:  3 miles; round-trip
Degree of Difficulty:  Easy
Dogs:  No
Camping:  Click HERE for camping options at Lassen Volcanic National Park
More info:
You could get away with wearing good tennis shoes for this hike but we suggest hiking boots.  For you safety, when you get to Bumpass Hell, stay on the boardwalk and follow park rules. 
How to get there:
Bumpass Hell is located near the southern entrance of the park.  There is plenty of parking at the trailhead (usually).  Check out the map for exactly where to go.
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