Indian Falls - Indian Falls (Waterfall)

Highway 89
Indian Falls, California 95952
Plumas County

Indians Falls are a set of small but beautiful waterfalls that also form a great swimming hole.  From the parking lot, just off the highway, there is a short walk down to the falls.  These falls are unique in that they are formed by Indian Creek being split by the natural landscape so you have Indian Creek flowing by the base of the waterfalls while you also have Indian Creek coming over the rocks to form the falls.  
During certain times of the year, this is a popular swimming hold and place to hang out, enjoy a picnic and get some sun.  
The trail down to the falls has a number of markers with information about the native trees in the area and can be quite slippery when wet.  Fortunately, there are handrails in certain spots to assist with the trail. 
Even if you're just driving by, make a quick stop to check out the falls, they really are beautiful. 
How to get there:
The parking lot is located right of off Highway 89 and there are signs along the highway giving you a head's up that it's coming.  Check out the map for more specific directions. 
More info:
This place is beautiful.  Please pack out all of your trash.  There are no bathrooms here. 
Other things to do in the area:

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