Sean Ryan (Solano County)

Fairfield, California
Solano County

Sean Ryan is a Northern California photographer specializing in nature and landscape. Located in Fairfield, which is known for the Jelly Belly factory and a Budweiser brewery visible from the freeway, he is located less than an hour from San Francisco and Sacramento. Sean started his life off with a love of all things nature and animals. As a child he watched every nature documentary he could get his hands on. Not being from an adventurous household, he developed his love of hiking and landscape photography later on in life. His love of illustration and writing music has heavily influenced the way he approaches each picture.

Sean Lives with his with his partner Laura, his teenage son Gavin, their two weird cats and a retired greyhound who sleeps more than the cats. He works in architecture as his day job and needs to hike more to counteract the breakroom snacks.

Tell us a little bit about your gear:

I currently shoot with a Sony A7II mirrorless camera. I shoot all my nature and landscapes on a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens and a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens.

What inspires you to keep shooting?

I am incredibly passionate about nature and conservation. There is something immensely satisfying about sharing my experience through pictures. I hope when people look at them they want to get outside and explore.

Was there a moment when you knew you were hooked on photography?

I stopped coaching my son’s soccer team and bought a camera to take pictures of him and keep me busy. One day I took the camera on a hike with me and got pictures of all sorts of wildlife. From that moment on I was going on hikes with my camera as often as I could and reading every bit of photography knowledge I could get my hands on when I couldn’t.

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