Loleta - Crab County Park

Cannibal Island Road
Loleta, California 95551
Southern Humboldt

Crab County Park is located where the Eel River meets the Pacific Ocean.  Because popular beaches, Table Bluff and Centerville Beach lie north and south respectively, Crab County Park is often overlooked and thus less populated. To get to the Pacific Ocean from the park, you'll need a small boat, raft or kayak but for the privacy you can find, it's well worth the effort.
Because it's a part of the Eel River Wildlife Area, the park is also popular with bird watchers.
How to get there:
Traveling in either direction on Highway 101, take the Loleta Drive exit and head west.  The quick drive through the town of Loleta will lead you to a 'T' at Eel River Drive.  Turn right onto Eel River Drive and then left on Cannibal Island Road a block later.  Drive all the way to the end of Cannibal Island Road.
More info: 
Parking is limited and can be tight.  If possible, back into a parking spot so it's easier to leave. 
RV's and trailers are prohibited.
Other things to do in the area:
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